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Speedy Vet Pill Counter is the veterinarian's resource for saving time and money. Throw Away the Tray! The Speedy Vet Pill Counter for Veterinarians software and scale is designed to automate the process of counting pills during dispensing of medication to patients and during inventory cycle counts.

  • Easy to use
  • Dispense medications quickly
  • Pre-fill often-used medications
  • Built-in database of veterinary medications
  • Add your own medications if needed
  • Track inventory
  • Software updates

A medication is first calibrated by weighing the empty bottle with cap and then weighing the empty bottle with 50 pills. This allows the software to record the empty bottle weight and the average pill weight for each medication, along with its barcode, description, and notes. With this information the software can calculate the number of pills in a bottle simply by placing the entire bottle with contents on the scale (inventory cycle count mode). It can also calculate the number of pills being dispensed into a pill vial (dispensing mode).

Many popular veterinary medications are already built in to an internal database, allowing the veterinary team to get to work immediately.

In addition to pills, Speedy Vet Pill Counter can be used to count the volume of liquid in an injection bottle, thus adding to the ability for veterinarians to do a complete inventory cycle count of all medications quickly and easily.

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Speedy Vet Pill Counter